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Traub TNC42 DGY

Traub TNC42 DGY

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High Performance Machining

Machine Details

Traub TNC42 DGY  - 8H CNC Mill turning centre with the LNS Servo III Short  Bar Loading Magazine and TX8H Control

The Traub TNC42 series Mill / Turning Centre was specially designed for machining of bar stock up to 42mm diameter, With 8 NC – axes, two work spindles and two 10 station turrets (all can be driven), the machine is equipped for the most demanding production requirements.

The included ‘Y’ axis on the upper turret all individual milling requirements are covered. The tools of both turrets can be directed towards the main and opposed spindles together. Alternatively, either turret can be used to machine work pieces at either the main or opposed spindles therefore offering optimal flexibility.

For complete automation the machine is interfaced with the compact LNS Servo III short bar loading magazine.

Parts removal is via a hydraulic gripper in the lower turret that transfers the finished work piece to an integral parts conveyor for transporting the work piece out of the machining area.

Further options included with this machine are a high pressure coolant filtration system, hydraulic ejector and collet flushing of the opposed spindle, high precision Hainbuch collet chucks fitted to both spindles, tool force monitoring for all tools. Included with the machine is a comprehensive package of static and driven tool holders and a selection of main and opposed spindle collets.

Whats on Offer

Second hand Traub TNC42DGY CNC Mill turning centre. Traub TX8H control system. The machine is offered complete with the LNS Servo III automatic short bar loading magazine. (max 65mm dia. x Spindle length bars) The machine and equipment has just completed our refurbishment program in our UK workshop. The machine has received a full major service schedule, all exterior guarding have been powder coated, the inner guards have been refurbished or replaced, all ball screws and guide ways have been fully checked and changed where necessary. All machine geometries are checked and calibrated.

The machine is offered complete with the following standard and additional features / equipment.

Standard equipment included

A.C. drive motor for main spindle (18.5 KW)

Main spindle with 42mm dia. Bar capacity

Opposite spindle with 42mm dia. Bar capacity

Traub TX8H control system with 32 bit high-speed processor

Operator console with 14” colour monitor, full ‘Qwerty’ keyboard hinged for storage / protection

Hydraulic operated hollow chucking cylinder MSP & OSP

Full NC Controlled ‘Y’ axis for upper turret

2 off 10 station turrets to accept VDI30 tooling

Swarf Conveyor with 1200mm discharge height.

Component Gripper and finished parts conveyor

Attachment for optional hydraulic equipment (in turret 1)

Hydraulic attachment for Component gripper (in turret 2)

Workpiece ejecting device – hydraulic operated with collet flushing

‘C’ axis on main spindle

‘C’ axis on opposite spindle

Drive for driven tools upper turret

Drive for driven tools lower turret

Electrical equipment ready for connection at service voltage 400V at 50Hz.

Control voltage is 24V

Attachments included

High pressure coolant and filtration system

Air cleaning system

Hainbuch collet chuck for main & opposite spindle

Hainbuch collet chuck attachments (main & opposite spindles)

Polyform software

Tool force monitoring for all tools

Part off toolholder

10 off Static tool holders various designation

8 off Driven tool holders various designation

6 off Hainbuch main spindle collets (double serrated)  – various sizes

14 off Hainbuch opposite spindle collets (smooth bore) – various sizes

Set of documentation

Set of standard tooling & accessories

Preperation parts for LNS Short bar loader interface.

LNS Quick Load Servo III compact bar loading magazine

Set of Spindle liners

Traub TNC42 DGY: Features

Our Refurbishment Program Revealed

You can see the in depth refurbishment we carry out here at Simon CNC Services. We pride ourselves in our rebuild program giving full attention to detail, no part of the machine gets overlooked bringing a used machine tool a new lease of life and many more years of care free production.

Traub TNC42 DGY: Gallery

Technical Data at a glance

Machine Type : Traub TNC42DGY

Control Type : Traub TX8H

Number of Axes : 8

Main Spindle Drive : A.C. Drive with 18.5kW at 1:5.2 rating

Opposite Spindle Drive : A.C. Drive with 11kW at 1:8 rating

‘C’ axis : Yes (Main & Opposed Spindles)

Number of turrets : 2

Number of turret stations : 10

Rotating tool drive : Yes (4000 RPM output power 4kW)

Number of driven tool stations : 2 x 10

Hydraulic chucking cylinder : Yes (Hollow)

Through tool coolant : Yes (12 bar)

High Pressure Coolant : Yes (with additional coolant filtration)

Main & Opposed Spindle : A5 Taper – 42mm capacity

Maximum speed : 5600 RPM

Turning diameter x length (chuck) : Ø175mm x 450mm

Swarf conveyor : Yes (1200mm discharge height)

Central greasing system : Yes

Additional equipment included:

Hainbuch collet chuck : 2 (Main and Opposed Spindle)

Main Spindle Collets : 6 off

Opposite Spindle Collets : 14 off

Static tool holder : 12 off various designations

Rotating tool holders : 8 off various designations

Documentation : Full Set

Basic Tool kit : Yes

Bar Feed : LNS Servo III fully interfaced compact short bar loading magazine with full set of spindle liners.

Traub TNC42 DGY: About

Get In Touch

Simon CNC Services is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Simon CNC Services Limited,
Unit 1, Old Brick Works Lane,
Chesterfield, S41 7JD

+44 (0)1246 224 111

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