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Traub TNA300

Exactly What You Need

Traub TNA300 Y 2002: Welcome

Machine Specification

The machine is offered complete with the following standard and additional features / equipment.

Standard equipment included:

  • Traub TX8H 32 bit CNC control system

  • 11Kw A.C. drive motor for main spindle

  • Main Spindle with spindle nose to DIN 55026-A6 and 65mm bar capacity and infinitely variable spindle speed to Maximum 4000 RPM

  • Compound Slide with two A.C. servo drives with digital feed back. X and Z axis slide-ways with linear motion bearing guides.

  • 12 Station turret with tool registers for parallel shank to DIN 69880-30 x 55 (30 VDI)

  • Direction logic

  • Tailstock on separate guide-way manual pre-positioned with programmable hydraulic Z-axis movement with Hydraulic quill and live centre (319 948)

  • Hydraulic operated hollow chucking cylinder

  • Swarf conveyor with 950mm discharge height

  • Coolant unit with 5 bar pressure and settlement tank, coolant supply through turret.

  • Hydraulic system

  • Pivoting control operating panel with colour display screen

  • Sliding cover over working area incorporating a viewing panel made of laminated safety glass, with safety locking device

  • Machine light

  • Traub ‘ATC’ optical tool position measuring device

  • The machine complies with the valid regulations for prevention of accidents and is CE approved

  • Electrical equipment, as per VDE/EN 60204 standards, wired to suit a 400 volt, 3 phase 50 cycle A.C. supply 24 volt control voltage.

  • Interface for data transmission to peripheral equipment via V24 (25-Polar/RS232)

  • Integral floppy disc drive for 3 ½” discs

Attachments / Options included

  • Numerically controlled rotating and positioning attachment  for main spindle (C-Axis)

  • Drive for rotating tools by 4Kw servo motor (Infinitely variable programming speeds to maximum 4000 RPM)

  • Y axis for off centre milling operations +/- 35mm travel

  • Rohm KFD HS 3 Jaw power chuck

  • Traub ‘Polyform’ Software for simplified programming of complex milled profiles

  • 12 Static tool holders for turret.

  • Set of documentation, comprising:

  1. User manual

  2. Programming Manual

  3. Tool holder catalogue

  4. Spare parts manual

  5. Circuit diagram

  6. Parameter disc

  • Set of standard tooling and accessories.

  • The machine and switchgear cabinet painted grey to RAL 7005, external covers painted light grey to RAL 7035.

  • Machine transportation and commissioning at your works.

  • 2 days on site setter / operator training

  • 3 months parts and labour warranty to commence following installation.

Traub TNA300 Y 2002: About

Our Refurbishment Program Revealed

You can see the in depth refurbishment we carry out here at Simon CNC Services. We pride ourselves in our rebuild program giving full attention to detail, no part of the machine gets overlooked bringing a used machine tool a new lease of life and many more years of care free production.

Traub TNA300 Y 2002: Gallery

More on the TNA300

The machine and equipment are located in our UK workshop and have been put through our full refurbishment program. The Machine has been fully dismantled down to the machine bed and rebuilt from ‘scratch’ Any item of equipment that cannot be refurbished has been replaced.

All Linear guide rails, ball screws, bearings and basic wiring kit exchanged.  All guards inner / outer have been reconditioned or replaced, all framework and exterior guards have been professionally powder coated. The machine has had a full 8000 hour service in addition to the above. All machine geometry’s will be checked and corrected.

The machine will look new when they hit your shop floor!

Traub TNA300 Y 2002: Text

Get In Touch

Simon CNC Services is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Simon CNC Services Limited,
Unit 1, Old Brick Works Lane,
Chesterfield, S41 7JD

+44 (0)1246 224 111

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Traub TNA300 Y 2002: Contact

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