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Preventative Maintenance

In order to provide the complete solution for all your CNC requirements and in addition to our training services, Simon CNC Services can offer various maintenance related services to protect your investment, keeping the machine tool in first class working order and reducing costly down time.

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Professional Approach

Preventative Maintenance

All our preventative maintenance services are carried out in line with the manufactures maintenance schedules.  Only parts, which are no longer serviceable, are exchanged and parts fitted are always in line with the manufacturers original specification, all at very competitive prices.


Personalized Attention

Maintenance Contracts

We can also offer service agreements in which we agree to carry out the preventative maintenance needs of your machine tool over a typical period. (One to three years).  For this service we can offer generous discounts on labour charges. Other benefits you receive by taking out a service agreement with us, is that we would take the total responsibility of servicing your machines reminding you of when the services are due, which oils / coolants need to be available well in advance of the due service dates and contacting you to arrange convenient times to carry out the services.

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Maintenance: Features
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